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Camping, hiking, backpacking, and general outdoor tips for beginners looking to get outside, or experts adventuring on new terrains.

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Destinations, trail guides, location itineraries. Whether you want to inspire your next adventure or inform your upcoming one, this is for you.


Sustainability, outdoor responsibility, and general philosophical ramblings about humans and nature. If you like being outside, read on.

Hey there!

I’m Brianne – the girl on that rock overlooking some enormous lakes and Adirondack 46er’s. Four years ago, hiking, camping, and outdoor adventure were just something I dreamed about doing. You see, I grew up on Long Island: Home of Suburbia. We have some nice trails over here, but they’re all relatively flat and a stone’s throw from a major road. It’s difficult to get lost in the woods around here.

So when I got the itch to get outside, I realized I had no idea how the heck to do it. I didn’t grow up in camping family, I’d never been on a “real” hike, and I was scared shitless of anything and everything that could go wrong in the big bad wilderness.

Fast forward four years, and now I’m hiking every chance I get, dragging my friends out on camping trips every other weekend, and learning how to backpack, ski, and climb. This blog is for my fellow beginners. Whether you’re an outdoors novice, learning a new skill, or just headed somewhere for the first time, you’re in the right place. Here’s to failing (and falling) forward, again and again and again.

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Mysterious Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl Of Morocco


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